Mass Drummer

Mass Drummer is a sound library for Native Instruments Massive.

Mass Drummer features 60 presets that exploit all the power of this synthesizer workhorse to create powerful and deep percussions that can fit on any electronic track, be it techno, industrial, trip hop, a soundtrack or anything else.

Any kind of drum and percussion is featured: kick drums, snares, hi-hats, toms, claps, cymbals, rides, congas, bells… and this is only a part of this library. You will find also cinematic hits, risers, sounds effects and some synths.
If you wonder how it is possible all this variety in 60 patches, the answer is simple: like all the other Sonus Dept. libraries, a special care is put on the macro controls, so that the preset is only a starting point to craft your own sound signature. Any of the 60 sounds can become something totally different with a few spins of knobs, making Mass Drummer not just a bunch of patches, but a complete percussions synthesizer, able to satisfy even the most demanding sound designer.
For example, within the same patch you can turn a kick drum sound into a snare, or even a bassline synth. And it is the same for any of the many sound types you find in Mass Drummer!

This demo track features rhythms and soundscapes made with Mass Drummer, no other instruments or FX were used:

You need Native Instruments Massive to use this library.