DeepWig is a sound library for Bitwig Studio.

DeepWig is a collection of creative presets for Bitwig Studio internal instruments and effects. The great -and still partly unexplored- potential of Bitwig internal devices is pushed to its limits to create a library useful both for experimentation and for a more traditional approach. The main strength of DeepWig is the smart use of macro controls: they are designed to turn any sound into a completely different one, allowing you to create your signature sound like if you were programming a synth from the ground. From the beginner to the expert, from the bizarre soundtrack composer to the electro producer, this small yet powerful collection can give you a different spin to music creation.

Here they are some sound made using instruments and effects from DeepWig, without any kind of additional effects or mastering:

Download DeepWig for free:
DeepWig [.zip, 1.25 MB]

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