Percussion Arkitect

Percussion Arkitect is a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Percussion Arkitect is an innovative and powerful laboratory to create any kind of percussion you need.
Its complex architecture features 3 vector layers of sound, each of them able to seamlessly morph among 4 different samples. Every layer has its own separate effects (filters, eq, pitch envelope, distorsion, rotator), plus you have global effects (layers volume and pan, filters, reverb, delay, gain envelope) and global pitch/volume/pan complex LFO modulations!
The results you can obtain are truly endless, and a clear and straightforward user interface allows even the most near-the-deadline composer and sound designer to obtain quickly the sound she/he needs.

Moreover, every parameter is fully automatable, for a total of 115 automation destinations. Building up lively and ever changing rhythmic textures has never been so easy!

The GUI features five tabs: one for global settings, one for each of the three layers and finally one for the modulators (click the images to open full size):

This is what is included:

  • 20 patches for Kontakt, each dedicated to a kind of percussion: bass drums, snares, cinematic hits, hats, bells, toms, cymbals, risers, lo-fi digital drums, ethnic percussion and many more
  • Each patch features three sonic layers, each of them with four sounds that can be mixed through a simple XY pad
  • Global effects section includes filters, delay, reverb and volume AHDSR envelope, plus layer pan and volume controls
  • Layer effects section includes filters, equalizer, distorsion, rotator and pitch AHDSR envelope
  • All the 115 parameters are fully automatable within your DAW, you can create evolving and realistic sounds that never fall into boredom!
  • Everything you hear was sampled or rendered at 24 bits. You will notice the pristine quality of every single sound
  • A custom GUI allows a fast and efficient editing, allowing bot the novice and the experienced to obtain the sound stuck in mind

Here they are some sounds made using Percussion Arkitect only, no additional sounds or effects:

Here it is a video showing how a single patch from this library can be deeply yet easily manipulated:

You need Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.6 or higher to use this library. Kontakt Player is not supported.