Dark Mass

Dark Mass 2.0 is a sound library for Native Instruments Massive.

In its first incarnation, Dark Mass featured 20 presets revealing another side of this great synthesizer: gloomy soundscapes, cinematic impacts, harsh leads and mysterious pads. Now, with Dark Mass 2.0, 50 new presets are added, giving birth to a monstrous collection that has everything you need to build haunting atmospheres and industrialized soundscapes, ideal for soundtracks and any kind of dark electronic music is here.

Like all the other Sonus Dept. libraries, a special care is put on the macro controls, so that the preset is only a starting point to craft your own sound signature. Any of the 70 presets can become something totally different with a few spins of knobs. From the soundtrack composer who needs immediately a certain sound, to the musician willing to experiment, Dark Mass 2.0 is the right tool for the job. Join the dark side!

But do not let words deceive you, listen by yourself these demo tracks made using Dark Mass only, without any additional instrument or effects:

You need Native Instruments Massive to use this library.

You can get a taste of Dark Mass for free here, featuring the original 20 presets of the first version:
Dark Mass [.zip, 47 KB]