Trappist-2 is a sound library for Bitwig Studio 2.

Trappist-2 is a collection of creative synths built using only Bitwig Studio 2 internal devices. The new major release of Bitwig Studio brought a vast improvement in its internal devices, with new effects, powered instruments and especially a lot of modulation possibilities. The 20 synthesizers featured here explore the possibilities to use these brand new features to build up dense and otherwordly atmospheres and drones. These patches can be directly used by the ambient musician, the soundtrack composer and by anyone looking for a series of intricate sounds that can be light as a feather or heavy as a venomous unknown gas.
The machines of Trappist-2 features a vast range of modulations and macro controls to radically change their sound with a few spin of knobs. Sound designers will have a lot of fun!

Here they are some sound made using instruments from Trappist-2, without any kind of additonal effects or mastering:

Download Trappist-2 for free:
Trappist-2 [.zip, 1.05 MB]

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