Bassive for Native Instruments Massive

Bassive is a sound library for Native Instruments Massive.

Massive has always been considered a must-have synthesizer for bass sounds, and while our previous products (Dark Mass and Mass Drummer) demonstrated that more than basses can be done with this synth, with Bassive we made THE bass library for Massive.

120 bass sounds that can become thousands by just adjusting the 8 carefully designed macro controls. A complete set of ready to use basses and together a laboratory for bass sound design. Whether you are a composer on a deadline looking for the instant bass sound or a producer with the will to experiment, look no further.

Bassive offers you any kind of bass: analog-style fat basses, razor sharp digital basses, physical modeled electric basses, basslines, wobble basses, hybrid sounds of any kind and many more. But don’t be fooled: Bassive is not just another general library, its sounds have a distinct soul and a signature. Still, you can do anything with it, and adapt its sounds to your needs and style.

But do not believe blindly to our words, and check yourself: download for free MicroBassive, a selection of 18 patches taken from its big brother.

If you want to listen to something, these sounds come from Bassive only, except the occasional drums that come from Mass Drummer. These tracks don’t want to be the typical “demo song”, where the actual sounds of the library are buried under loads of effects and other instruments, but a showcase of the actual dry sounds, that you will be able to tweak in every conceivable way:

You need Native Instruments Massive to use this library.