Semiramis is a collection of modules featuring a complete semimodular synthesizer for VCV Rack plus some tasty bonus stuff.
Its classic signal path can be changed and modulated in every conceivable way: a true sound design weapon with the simplicity of a typical synthesizer.

These are the main features:

  • Semimodular synthesizer
  • Presets support
  • Three different oscillators with different sound generation algorithms
  • Parallel lowpass and hipass filters with audio input
  • Equipped with delay effect
  • Two LFOs with different waveforms and polarity
  • Filter and amplitude ADSR envelopes
  • Every parameter can be modulated with the dedicated CV inputs
  • Each oscillator, the filter, the LFOs and the envelopes have separate outputs, for full modular integration
  • Comprehensive and clear manual included (you can also download it here if you want to check it in depth before you buy)

Moreover, you have six bonus modules:

  • Cellular Noise, a generator of noise, low frequencies and unusual sounds that uses cellular automata
  • Brutus, a waveshaping and distortion module capable to process up to 16 audio streams concurrently
  • Envels, a polyphonic ADSR envelope with audio input that can process up to 16 signals concurrently
  • FMdom, a polyphonic  dual parallel linear FM oscillator, that can act as LFO, too
  • Filtron, the double Butterworth filter of Semiramis as a polyphonic standalone module able to process up to 16 audio streams concurrently
  • Virtualog, a polyphonic virtual analog oscillator with LFO capabilities

Some sounds made using Semiramis only:

Semiramis needs the latest version of VCV Rack to run

Semiramis is available directly from Rack Plugin Library: purchase it here and automatically receive future updates!