Loopus Modules


Loopus Modules is a full featured loop station for the open source modular synthesizer emulator VCV Rack.
It includes two modules: Foursome, the loop station itself, and Voyeur, an expander module that adds many tasty functionalities and controls to Foursome.

These are the main features:

  • Four track stereo loop station
  • Loop recording time depends on your available RAM only, no intrinsic limits
  • Unlimited overdubs
  • The four track are always synchronized
  • Undo function for each track to revert the last recording
  • Global controls: direction, start point, end point
  • Individual tracks controls: gain, pan, fade in, fade out
  • Individual stereo outputs for each track
  • Ability to save as WAV file the complete loop and each individual track (through the included Voyeur module)
  • Solo/mute tracks grid (thorugh the included Voyeur module)
  • Multiple instances of the loop station can be synchronized, allowing you to have a complete and extensible multitrack environment
  • Comprehensive and clear manual included (you can also download it here if you want to check it in depth before you buy)

Loopus Modules needs the latest version of VCV Rack to run

Loopus Modules is available directly from Rack Plugin Library: purchase it here and automatically receive future updates!