pdrender is a cross-platform script to use Pure Data patches for offline, faster than realtime, processing of audio and MIDI files.

pdrender takes as inputs a Pure Data patch and optionally a MIDI and/or an audio file, and generates an audio output according to how the patch works and treats audio and MIDI inputs. It also supports the use of presets to control receive values inside the patch.

This can be useful in lots of different situations, like all those which require batch processing of large amount of files or the embedding of sound processing routines inside an automated pipeline.

pdrender is open source, licensed under the MIT license, and it can be used on GNU/Linux, OSX and Windows. Currently only Pure Data vanilla patches are supported.

You can download the latest version of pdrender and discover more about how it works from its GitLab project page or by cloning the repository from your terminal with:

git clone https://gitlab.com/sonusdept/pdrender.git