Neuralscore+ is a MIDI sequencer based on the same neural network developed for Neuraloot suite. It is Max for Live device and it is part of the updated version of Neuraloot itself. However, it can also be grabbed individually, and it can do a lot.

There are three waves, generated by three instances of a neural network trained on thousands of waveforms. These three waves, which are widely customizable, control the Pitch, the Chance to be played and the Velocity of the notes inserted in the four track grid sequencer. The notes are chosen among the ones of the scale you choose. You can also set a custom scale, ideal for creative melodies or to control drum machines.

All the parameters are automatable, letting you build an entire generative and evolving song structure with this powerful device!

First listen to some sounds made using Neuralscore+ as sequencer that controls all the instruments:

And also listen to an ambient generative song completely sequenced by Neuralscore+:

Then go grab your copy here for only 4 EUR:

Neuralscore+ needs Ableton Live (10.1.30+ or 11) Suite or Standard with Max for Live addon to work. Both Windows and OSX are supported.

IMPORTANT: if you have Live 10 you need to have at least version 10.1.30.

Want more neural stuff? Grab the whole package!

Neuralscore+ can be purchased alone, but it is also part of Neuraloot, featuring modulators and sound generators based on the same neural oscillator architecture. Get it now if you are interested in a complete bundle: