Neuraloot is a set of Max for Live devices based on a in-house developed neural network trained with thousands of waveforms. This way, the network learnt how to describe a waveform through eight parameters, that manipulated can allow a seamless and complex morphing among an almost infinite number of shapes. Forget about the boring sine-saw-square-triangle tetrarchy!

Upon this model, carefully optimized with gen-based routines, seven devices have been built:

  • NeuraLFO: a complex LFO with up to eight different destinations, with lots of different parameters to obtain ever changing modulations. You can map the LFOs to any automatable control of any device or track inside Live.
  • Neuralscore: in this device the intricate shape of the neural oscillator is used to trigger MIDI notes, following one of the factory scales or a custom one. With many controls at your disposal, you can obtain complex melodies that never repeat themselves.
  • Neuralscore+: an enhanced version of Neuralscore, featuring three neural oscillators controlling pitch, chance and velocity of every note.
  • Neuralscape: like in all our M4L bundles, here it is a pocket drone generator! This time we have an oscillator bank and a sample player driven by the neural wave, creating evolving and thick soundscapes.
  • Neuroscillator & NeuraloscillatorM: simply the neural oscillator found in the previous modules, but it outputs its signal to the audio outs. This way, the signal can be further manipulated with your favorite plugins, and then be fed to the following utility module (AnyMapper) to be used as LFO, but it can also be used as a weird sound generator (with really interesting results, we add!). Neuroscillator comes in two flavours: an audio effect version and an instrument one, NeuroscillatorM, with a wider frequency range that be controlled with MIDI and an optional envelope, so that it can played like a real monophonic synth!
  • AnyMapper: utility module that lets you use any audio input as modulator signal for up to eight different destinations. Basically it is the second half of NeuraLFO, allowing you to use any kind of input, including the one generated by the previous utility module, Neuroscillator.

All the devices have all the parameters automatable. A comprehensive manual is included (and it can also be downloaded here).

Watch these videos to learn more:

Neuraloot is available for 20 EUR. Neuraloot needs Ableton Live (10.1.30+ or 11) Suite or Standard with Max for Live addon to work. Both Windows and OSX are supported.

IMPORTANT: if you have Live 10 you need to have at least version 10.1.30.