Abstructs is a collection of twelve Max for Live devices able to create sounds or perform sonic transformations that are typical to certain abstract electronic music and sound art. The devices currently featured are:

  • AbstractSynth: an atmospheric polyphonic synthesizer that creates the sound from a dense and ever evolving spectrum.
  • BiShift: an effect that allows to shift the magnitude and the phase of the spectrum separately, so that it can act as a complex and strange pitchshifter.
  • BrokenDelays: a delay that features up to 16 delay lines, and that abruptly changes their lengths (and their actual chances to be played) rhythmically. Apply to a boring drum loop or to a plain voice and listen how it becomes a never repeating bizarre pattern.
  • Disturbances: a generator of stutters and noise interference to the incoming audio.
  • Essential: an effect that analyzes the spectrum of the incoming sound and returns only its most prominent features. With the included reverb-like effects, you can turn any sound into an abstract spiral of wandering waves.
  • FromOuterSpace: like in all our other M4L bundles, here it is a trippy drone generator!
  • InfiniteTrain: a pulse-train generator with a twist. It can create abstract punctiform sound patterns often found in glitch and minimal music.
  • MadHatter: theoretically it is a polyphonic hi-hat synthesizer, but try to mess with the parameters, and discover that it can do a lot more and work like a complete unusual synthesizer.
  • OneToMany: a 32-voice sample player that changes its parameters every time it is triggered, so that from a single sample a whole range of barely predictable sounds can be obtained.
  • SineBursts: an instrument to create high pitched sounds and noises. Glitches are included if you like, and in the amount you need.
  • SpectroGlitch: an effect that randomly suppress or invert the magnitude or the phase of the spectrum of the incoming sound.
  • SpectroSynth: a compact polyphonic synthesizer to create sounds with a wide and complex timbre, ideal for rich atmospheres.

All the devices have all the parameters automatable. A comprehensive manual is included (and it can also be downloaded here).

Some sounds made and processed using Abstructs devices only:

Abstructs is available for 15 EUR. Abstructs needs Ableton Live Suite (version 10.1.30+ or 11) or Standard with Max for Live addon to work. The devices can be used in Max/MSP 8, too, but some features may be unavailable outside Live. Both Windows and OSX are supported.

Max for Live Bundle offer: Abstructs and Neuraloot

Want to couple Abstructs with another series of avantgarde devices? Get it together with Neuraloot, neural network based devices, and save money!